Who we are

The INSTITUTO PANAMERICANO DA VISÃO emerged from the union of two clinical ophthalmology, Hospital de Olhos de Goiás and Oftalmoclínica.

 In 1995 the two groups came together to form a new company, whose initial goal was the purchase of an excimer laser to perform surgery for myopia.  With the success of the initiative, began a discussion with the aim of forming a new group of ophthalmology, which could gather in one place, the three units in operation.

In June 1999 the area was acquired would be built where the future INSTITUTO PANAMERICANO DA VISÃO. It was the beginning of the selection and definition of professional projects. The construction was then started in November 2000 and completed in September 2003.

 In addition to seeking the best professionals to prepare projects, facilities, furniture and building equipment used in the building were selected to provide users with the latest features available in each area.

 The ophthalmic equipment used in the INSTITUTO PANAMERICANO DA VISÃO are continually being replaced to give the patient what the latest is.  Most are manufactured by large companies with a tradition of quality, technology and research in ophthalmology.

 As for the clinical staff, the initial group consisted of 13 ophthalmologists from the Oftalmoclínica and Hospital de Olhos de Goiás.  During the construction 2 other ophthalmologists have joined the team followed by another 4 others in the first year of operation. . Currently, 32 ophthalmologists with sub-specialty training in all areas of ophthalmology working at the INSTITUTO PANAMERICANO DA VISÃO. . Of these, many are carrying the title of doctor of medicine and many have postgraduate degrees abroad.

To  maintain this structure, the INSTITUTO PANAMERICANO DA VISÃO since from the beginning of the project, worked with expert advice on human resources and administration. In addition to using modern management techniques and management, the employees of the Pan-American Institute for Vision courses are constantly training and qualification.